About the Taxidermist

Will Smiley

Owner, Smiley's Taxidermy

Originally from Galt, a small town in North-Central Missouri, Will has always enjoyed the outdoors and has been an avid hunter since he was a young teen. When he was 18, Will joined the Air Force, which landed him in San Antonio, before getting out 8+ years later. Following his military service, Will worked commercially as an HVAC technician for a few years.

After getting a mount back from a taxidermist that he was not pleased with in 2003, Will decided to try his hand at taxidermy. That fall he attended the Central Texas School of Taxidermy. Within 6 months Will attended his first state competition to get feedback on his work. As it turned out, he received a 2nd place ribbon in the professional division. Not long after, he decided to make a business of it.

His first deer season (2004) as a taxidermist, Will worked
mostly on animals for friends and family so he could get more hands-on experience. In 2005 he earned several more awards at the state and county levels and expanded his business commercially. Then in December '05, Will and his family finished construction and moved in to their new home and taxidermy workshop in Boerne, TX.